Thursday, August 6, 2009

So much to do, so little time!

I have so much going on right now. But I knew I needed to post something on here real quick at least. I am *hopefully* going to be revealing a new entertainment center later on this week/end. Our TV broke and that was just the right push my husband needed to get a new entertainment center along with a beautiful flat screen. I am in love with our new tv.
So we bought a fairly decent entertainment center off craigslist for pretty cheap, under $200 bucks. Which seems like a steal for me because all of the open shelves we saw when looking for new TVs were that price. This is a laminate kind but it looked nice and the people who sold it too us kept it in very good condition. The best part about it was that doors that close so we can actually store our movies down there without my 18 month old taking everything out.
I am seriously excited to have it all done and put in place. The only hing we are waiting on is for the paint to dry! I hate humidity in Georgia. But it looks so nice. I bought new hardware for the doors so I can paint our coffee table to match. That probably won't get done for a while but we have everything we need to do it.
That wa my little update. I'll post another one soon about design star and my book of the month that I am reading. Happy blogging everyone!

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